Benefits of Trees to Humans and The Environment

Did you know that there are 420 trees for every inhabitant of the planet? That is the good news, the bad news is that each person loses a reasonable percentage of these trees a year. It’s pretty hard to imagine how much that means, right? So, let’s try to demonstrate the benefits of trees to humans and the planet at large.

Flood and erosion control

An adult tree can absorb up to 250 liters of water per day from the soil. Imagine how they could help to avoid so many floods, which kill and leave many people without homes! Along with all this absorbed water, many nutrients from organic matter (such as animal feces) are absorbed by the roots and transformed through photosynthesis into food for the entire plant. In turn, leaves, fruits, wood and roots will serve as food for several living beings. The animals, in turn, will defecate what they ate, and the leaves and fruits that did not serve as food fall to the ground. Leaves, fruits and droppings back to the ground, and the whole cycle begins again.

The layer of leaves that form under the trees, serve as a cradle for seeds, and to protect the soil from dripping rain. Every drop of rain that falls directly on the ground causes erosion. Soil erosion can be harmful in several cases:

In rivers: Erosion takes soil and sand to the bottom (bottom) of the river, making the river shallower, with less capacity to store water, causing water shortages in low rain months, in addition to the death of fish.

For Soil: Erosion takes away seeds that could germinate and replenish natural vegetation. That is, unprotected soil tends to remain unprotected.

For animals: Erosion can take away nests of animals that make them on the ground, and cover those of several other animals, killing offspring. Furthermore, without vegetation and fruit to feed them, they go away or starve to death.

For groundwater: Soil without vegetation, as it has no roots and earthworms to make it soft, does not have a good water absorption. Furthermore, as there are no barriers to water, it will leave quickly, leaving no time for rainwater to penetrate the soil. With that, the water tables dry up, thus ending up with many rivers and consequently with our drinking water.

The canopy of trees also protects the soil from direct rain, not to mention that its roots firmly hold the soil. The roots of trees that are on the banks of rivers, sometimes appear inside the river, looking like eyelashes. These roots, in addition to preventing erosion, serve as a home for many animals. Because of these cilia, the forest near the rivers is known by the name of Mata Ciliar.

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Google My Business: A Local SEO Guide For Small Businesses To Getting Your Business On The Map

If you want your business to grow and appear, some steps need to be taken. And being on Google My Business is one of the most important steps to a company’s success on the Internet, especially for customer service companies and physical stores.

It is very important to take advantage of every opportunity Google My Business offers. Many people still do not know all the possibilities this amazing tool allows to do. Undoubtedly, making the most information about your business available on the internet will bring you closer to your potential customers.

People use Google as their primary search engine for all their everyday needs: products, services, and everything they need. That’s where they look.

And if someone types in your business on Google, are you sure they’ll be found? Many opportunities can be missed like this.

So, besides having a good website and hiring better website hosting, you need Google My Business to definitely improve SEO and put your business on the internet map.

What is Google Business?

Created in 2004 with the goal of unifying many features that already existed in both Google Plus and Google Places, Google My Business brings together many amazing tools in one place.

The combination of these features allows entrepreneurs to more effectively spread within Google tools, generating more organic search results.

Among the advantages of using Google My Business include:

Registration and a special highlight of your business on Google:   By registering, the person you are looking for will find a variety of relevant information about your business, such as photos, videos, address, opening hours, and more;

Allow for greater interaction with customers: There will also be a comment area where you can answer your customers’ questions, as well as post photos of your area;

Increase the reach of your business:  You can have a broader understanding of where customers are researching your business and how they came to you;

Access to a data report: You will have available reports containing various relevant search information regarding your company;

Have more mobility in editing information: It makes a lot of difference if you have to be around all the time and don’t have time to stop in front of a computer to update your business data or get feedback.

But one of the most interesting things about Google My Business is its interaction with Google Maps.

Reasons to use Google My Business

The Google My Business offers a number of tools and resources that allow to marketing your business on the Internet. This tool is extremely important for those who own a physical store or work with customer service and want to promote their business.

Appear on Google Maps

Imagine a typical consumer. He’s on the street, just left a meeting or something in a neighborhood he’s unfamiliar with. It is lunch time and he begins to feel hungry. As he is in a place he doesn’t know, he begins to wonder where he is going to eat.

Let’s say he wants to eat in a self-service restaurant. He picks up his phone, logs in to Google, and types in “self service restaurants ‘neighborhood name’ ‘city name’”.

Let’s say you happen to have a self-service restaurant in the same region. If you’re in Google Business, they’ll have access to your restaurant information:

  • Whether it is open or closed;
  • The location and route to get there;
  • Photos and videos of the place;
  • Information such as average prices, if the place is casual, etc
  • Comments about the place posted by users;
  • Phone and contact information;

Access to the social networks of your restaurant, where he can have access to menus and other information.

And much more. This makes it easy for the customer to contact you in an extremely easy and friendly way.

Not to mention that, according to Google itself, companies that have registration and make their information available tend to be considered more respected by consumers. And this is what you’re looking for, right?

Interact with customers

Many consumers ask questions directly on Google. These questions are visible to everyone. A big mistake is not answering these questions to answer the customer’s doubt.

In addition to the customer who did not have the question answered, you still lose the chance to help other customers who may have the same question and are there seeing the question with no answer.

Another big reason is that you can leave a bad impression about your business if no one answers customer questions. It is for this and other reasons mentioned above that we recommend that all companies be part of Google My Business.

This interaction with the customer is very positive. By helping your customer answer their questions, you can build a relationship of trust and further strengthen your connection with them.

According to Google, companies that add photos to your listing on Google Maps receive 42% more driving directions and 35% more clicks to visit their website than other companies.

Reporting and strategic information

The Google My Business provides a number of reports and insights that allow you to better understand the behavior of customers looking for your business or service on the Internet.

The obvious advantage is that with this information you can better focus your efforts on what your customers are looking for. In addition to having access to the number of customers who saw your business on Google and other information that allows you to measure the performance of your audience.

Every month you will receive a report via email that will allow you to understand your audience and keep track of everything that happens to your business on the internet.

Outline area

A very interesting feature for those companies that work with delivery or customer visit is the delimitation of the coverage area. Through this feature you can only show your business to customers who are within the area covered by the business.

For example, if you work with delivery only for one city, you can delimit your area so that the company is displayed only by customers who are within the city of operation.

You can delimit by state, city, or zip code. It’s important to note that the system no longer allows you to delimit by distance around your business, this option has been removed by Google My Business.

The Google My Business is a fantastic tool for those who have a physical company. This Google product allows you to provide potential customers with all the information they need to find your business through search results.

Not only that, Google My Business provides feedback and a wealth of information that is extremely helpful in helping you make business decisions.

Need more help?

If you need help getting you’re website to rank the best on the google maps you might consider a local search engine optimization agency to get your maps done for you. If you live in south London for example, you might consider a Surrey SEO company as they will be able to advise you on your google maps and other advice regarding your ranking on google. Remember, there is a lot of variable that go into getting high on the maps and ranking organically.

We hope you found this information helpful and if helps you grown your business.